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Termite Solutions in Tracy CA

Termites are among the most dreadful pests due to comprehensive (and expensive) havoc they will bring about. Termites can be masters at staying unseen and silently tearing your structure apart. They feast on vegetation material that are cellulose-based and it’s regrettable that nearly each and every building will contain this particular food for termites.

Regrettably, there are additional hazards when it comes to termites rather than just to your structure. Termites can also damage foundations, pieces of furniture, books, and more. Even though termite workers are relatively tiny in proportions, the degree of damage they can cause is much larger.

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Protection & Prevention of Tracy Termites

The ideal way to lower the possibility of termites from invading your property or house is via reliable prevention and defense procedures such as making sure of a moisture-free atmosphere and clearing away any food supplies which could draw in termites. We have supplied these particular suggestions for guaranteeing the best possible termite defense for your building:


  • Leaking from pipes, sinks, or perhaps air conditioning units needs to be fixed.
  • Make certain rain gutters are free of obstructions or debris and flowing correctly routinely.
  • There should be a small slope in the yard surrounding the basic foundation to be certain water moves out from the building properly.
  • There needs to be little plant covering and mulch close to the base of the home’s outer walls.
  • Ensure that the roof is correctly performing and no collected water is found.
  • Examine air vents every now and then to ensure they’re free of obstructions.
  • Check water and utility pipes and lines for any exposed access points, closing them to protect against pest entry.
  • All the vents will need to have screens to protect yourself from pest invasions.
  • Remember to keep necessary wood debris (firewood, etc.) a decent distance away from your home.
  • Termite damage is usually seen on fences and porches surrounding the property so inspect these regularly for any signs.
  • Your foundation and crawl space should not have lumber, papers or timber near it.

Indicators of Tracy Termites

There are specific signs to look out for that could suggest an active termite dilemma. Winged insects swarming your home, termite feces, hollow wood, tubes and channels made out of mud on the home’s external surfaces, and shed wings in the vicinity of your windows and doors.

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If you’ve tried to look at your home but still are not confident termites are not presently there, or if you want protection from a professional, we are right here to help you! We can easily schedule a termite evaluation or a treatment for those who have already affirmed active termites. Just give our Tracy termite control specialists a call at 209-308-6066 today!

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