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Are you seeing an uncommon quantity of ants in or around your property? It might be time to call in an expert for the relief you prefer, year-round.

It is usually quite difficult to regulate ants, which most of us are most likely already knowledgeable about from dealing with an ant issue at some point.

Luckily, all it generally takes is figuring out the type of ant in order to effectively address it; not every ant treatment will be suitable for all types of ants.


Ants can carry 20 times their weight and travel by scent trail. Call us today at (209) 308-6066 and we’ll send ants on their way.

Tracy Ant Access Points

You’re most likely attempting to find out where or how the ants are getting in your home, however they don’t require a huge space to get through; any small cracks throughout the property are practical access points. Then they go in search for oily or sweet substances that are typically in one’s cupboards or kitchen.

Comprehending Tracy Ant Paths

You are probably aware that ants leave and follow scent tracks which is an invisible chemical that they leave when travelling across a surface. After they find a a source of food they will then reverse and follow the trail returning to the other ants.

Ant Nests & Colonies

Ants are not too particular concerning exactly where their home is produced, provided that it cannot be easily disturbed. Colonies will generally have around 200,000 ants, if not more, in just one colony. If they feel a hazard is upon them they will quite rapidly, and easily, relocate. Employee ants can make it through as much as 7 years and queens can survive as much as 15 years.

Tracy Ant Treatments

If you currently have ants attacking your area you have likely been utilizing an over-the-counter solution or possibly you have actually taken a more ‘natural’ strategy to combating the undesirable bugs. Regrettably, these do not always work, killing just the ants you are seeing and not targeting the many still concealed close by. In addition, some products only deal with certain kinds of ants, so if you’re using the wrong solution you likely will not achieve the results you hoped for.

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